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Slava Ilyayev 

Slava Ilyayev was born in 1970 in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan

(former U.S.S.R.).
Azerbaijan’s geography and history have both eastern and western influences on the culture, art and architecture. 
Ilyayev studied at the Academy for Plastic Art in Baku and later, in 1995, upon immigrating to Israel, continued his studies at the Avni Institute for 
Art in Tel Aviv.
Since 1998, Ilyayev has taught art in various schools and academies in Israel while continuing with his own artistic activities.

In 1999 Slava Ilyayev participated in two major shows in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem where, for the first time, his works were introduced to the public.
Slava Ilyayev’s works are unique in the structure of the color which is raised above the canvas. His compositions of light and shadow are affected by the transitions of the seasons of the year. Slava Ilyayev was influenced by post-impressionist artists and in particular by Vincent Van Gogh the noted Dutch painter. 


Slava Ilyayev is married to Alexandra, a very talented artist in her own right. They live with their three daughters in Tel Aviv.
His works have been shown in various group and one-man exhibitions throughout Israel, USA, Europe and the Far East.

The artist Slava Ilyayev
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