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Yasna Godovanik 

I was born and grew up in Russia in a family of engineers. My mom in her free time wrote wonderful saturated watercolors, and grandfather masterly drew graphics. I was imbued with a creative family atmosphere and from the childhood I honed my own artistic abilities. But I preferred acrylic painting.

In high school I knew for sure that my profession and painting should become inseparable, therefore I was preparing to enter the design class in the creative studio of the Borisenkov family. The exams were successful and from the second year of my studies my participation in exhibitions began.

In addition to painting, I worked with a miniature painting. This direction has brought me many awards at Russian and international competitions. In 2012, I had a new favorite - hand painting. In the future, this direction left a mark on my work, adding accuracy and purity in detail.

At the exhibition, I participated together with a union of other artists. We called the Art Hive.

In 2017 I did Aliyah in Israel, in this beautiful and such a bright country,  I am sure that my skills will be able to give many wonderful works.

Yasna Godovanik.jpeg
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