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Natalia Sinkovsky

Natalia Sinkovsky was born in 1959 in the city of Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan. As a child, Natalia loved and practiced drawing and painting, but also had an interest in mathematics, which led to her studies in architecture and to a master's degree in architecture which she received in 1981. During her studies, Natalia also took drawing and painting courses. After graduating, she worked as an architect in various architectural bureaus and as an interior designer as well.


In 1995 Natalia immigrated to Israel with her family. That's where she started her career as a professional painter. In Israel Natalia for the first time saw the sea which became the main inspiration for her sailboats series. The artist perceives the sea as an inexhaustible source of happiness and positive emotions for her and for others, depicting colorful yachts playfully rocking on the waves at noon, an excitement of a boat race or a romantic sailing trip at sunset.


Natalia applies paint to the canvas immediately without a prior sketch or drawing. She layers the acrylic paint in thick application using a palette knife. Once the layers are dry, Natalia adds small graphic elements to give the painting more details. She employs bright, cheerful colors of blue, aquamarine, purple, red, yellow, orange, pink and lilac to complement her optimistic outlook on life. When Natalia stands in front of a blank canvas and pictures what she is going to paint, she imagines the place where the painting will be hung, which inspires the size and color-palette of each artwork.


The paintings of Natalia Sinkovsky took part in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Israel, USA, UK and Russia. They are highly appreciated and collected by art lovers all over the world.

The artist Natalia Sinkovsky
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