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Slava Brodinsky

Slava Brodinsky was born in 1955 in Birobijan, east Russia.
His artistic talent was noticed from an early age and he was therefore sent to an art high school.


After serving in the Soviet Army, he retuned to his home town and began studying in the fine art academy of Birobijan from which he graduated with honors in 1979.


After graduating from his studies he continued painting mostly monumentally alongside participating in exhibitions throughout the U.S.S.R.

In 1991 he immigrated with his family to Israel. The different light and color to which he was exposed here in Israel effected his paintings.

The artist travels frequently to Europe mostly southern France, Tuscany and Umbria, Italy. The views of Galilee in northern Israel provide the artist with inspiration as well.


His work is characterized with materialism due to the original use of color mixed with sand, rough paint brushes, light and shade composition which is influenced by the season of the year.

His work was shown in a sole exhibition as well as many group exhibitions throughout the U.S.A., Canada , France , Israel and Japan.

The artist Slava Brodinsky
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