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Vladimir Mingar (Vova) was born in 1965 in the small Siberian town of Bodoebo.

From an early age Vova was fascinated with art and loved drawing and creating clay sculptures, taking part in an art school special program for gifted and talented students.


In 1980 Vova moved to Leningrad (later St. Petersburg), Russian capital of art and culture. 
After completing his studies in the Leningrad Institute of Visual Arts, Vova worked as a painter and a graphic artist.

Vova immigrated to Israel in 1991 where he lived in Kibbutz Dan in the north of Israel near the Jordan River. 


Six year later, in 1997, Vova moved to Tel Aviv, the buzzing contemporary Israeli metropolis to promote his career and artistic ambitions.

One can describe Vova’s art style as an expressionist abstractionism, which is influenced by the Cobra - an artistic movement which includes artists as Cornielle, Karl Appel and an influential Lithuanian artist Leo Ray (who also is currently living in Israel) – art of a figurative primitivism, naivety with a shameless pinch of humour. 
Vova took part in various single and group competitions in Israel and abroad.

The artist Vova
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