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Yuvi (Yuval gold)

Graffiti artist Yuval Gold was born in the 70’s in the rougher part of Tel Aviv’s suburbs.  By the time he was 5, much to the dismay of his busy working mum and his teachers, he was already painting on his bedroom and classroom walls! It was then his mum started noticing her son’s artistic talent and need for free expression.

Yuval continued to be a wild child and throughout his teens and early 20’s he spent much of his time gaining his life experience and inspiration for his art on the streets and clubs of Tel Aviv.


Like New York, Tel Aviv is the city that never sleeps and with that comes a new era of street art and graffiti. Most of the city's unique works are found in the south of the city in a hip neighborhood know as Florentine and is now the heart of the Tel Aviv graffiti scene.

Desiring to collect more professional and creative tools Yuval studied graphic design.  This skill combined with the freedom of his graffiti art and inspired by great American icons and the art of  Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollack, the elusive and controversial street artist Banksy and Mr Brainwash, Yuval has created his own unique style using graphics, multi layers of acrylic, spray paint and stenciling which creates a deep, vivid, rich use of color and textures.


Yuval creates his own one of a kind, fun, humorous and exciting art pieces, and enjoys bringing his expression of freedom and love into the homes of all those who buy his art.  

The artist Slava Brodinsky
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